Water Line Repair & Replacement

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X-Pipe Industries specializes in the repair & replacement of main water lines in the Denver metro area. We make sure your water line is bringing fresh, clean water to your home.

The water line begings at the water meter and runs underground through your yard and enters your home through the basement wall, crawlspace, or the concrete in the slab.

There are different types of pipe in older homes – copper, PVC, galvanized steel, or blue poly.

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Types of Water Line Installation

We offer both types of installation – excavation and trenchless. The method that is best for your water line project will be recommended. Sometimes it is necessary to dig a trench to access the water line. Other times we can complete the job with the trenchless method that allows us to complete the water line repair or replacement without tearing up your yard and landscaping.

In either case, we will leave your yard in excellent condition. We will safely avoid buried utilities such as electricity, cable and gas lines.

Our Denver water line installation includes, if recommended, penetrating the basement wall and extending the new, high-quality waterline all the way into your home, and not stopping the new line just outside the home. The new water line will be flushed to ensure that no dirt, clay, or any other debris enters your home’s water system.

If you have a larger home or commercial property that needs more water volume and pressure, we can help. After analyzing the water demands of your property, we can install a larger diameter main waterline, and will recommend the water line size best for you. If you have a large front yard, we can install a water line no matter what length is required.

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Water Line Inspection

All new water service lines are always installed meeting county and municipal codes with the proper fittings and installation procedures, and pass full inspections.

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If you need water line repairs call X-Pipe Industries, Denver’s water line repair and replacement experts! We offer a free estimate and consultation. Our water line plumbers have the experience, training, and licenses necessary to ensure your new water line in Denver goes in with no problems and minimal external damage to your home landscaping.


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